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Hello and welcome to the Summit Lodge #213 website. We are located in beautiful Twinsburg, Ohio and serve the neighboring communities of Macedonia, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood, Bedford and Streetsboro. Our lodge is on Shepard road, directly opposite Ledge road on the border of Macedonia and Twinsburg. Summit Lodge #213 is at the northernmost part of the 21st Masonic District of Ohio, which includes Summit, Stark and Tuscarawas Counties. Our members hail from across the region, both in as well as outside of the district, and we welcome everyone to contact us for more information about the Lodge, becoming a member, or if you simply wish to attend one of our community events!

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Our Mission

Freemasonry sets out, "To make good men better." That is, to make a man better than his present self, not better than others per se. This mission extends to build stronger families and communities through Masonic self discovery, the search for Truth, mutual fraternal support and service. We are involved in a variety of community events; from supporting the democratic process by volunteering to set up voting booths, to giving scholarships to academically gifted and deserving candidates, as well as ensuring the welfare of our brethren and their widows and orphans. There are many facets of service that Masonry allows one to develop and grow, too many to list and oftentimes only discovered after making one's first step into the lodge.


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So, what does it mean to be a Mason?

Being a Mason means undertaking the journey of a lifetime. The heritage of those who have taken this path spans antiquity to the modern day and reveals the measure of a man. By long and toilsome work, you will find the best in yourself and others, and learn to develop qualities in your community to enhance brotherly love, relief and truth. By dedicating yourself to a life of service to something greater than yourself, one can expect to reap all the benefits of a well lived life. Becoming a Mason is an undertaking unlike any other, filled with mystery, camaraderie, and the joy only the oldest fraternity in the world can bring. By clicking on the link below, you can hear what Benjamin Franklin had to say about Masonry:



Who are the guys in the funny hats?

Pictured below is a comprehensive map of all the degrees one can freely petition to receive without invitation or honorary prerequisite. All degrees of Masonry flow from the first steps, the Blue Lodge. Summit Lodge #213 is one of many such lodges. For new and old Masons alike, the diagram below is a helpful guide to potential progress through Masonry. In addition to a myriad of other Masonic resources, more information about both the York and Scottish Rites and the respective governing divisions of these bodies is on our page: Useful Links

Structure of Freemasonry, both York and Scottish rite appendant bodies

A Simple Question to our Brethren

Questions about what type of Mason you want to be.