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Our Lodge had carpeting older than some of its newest members, therefore Summit #213 graciously donated a portion of the necessary funds to remove the old flooring and install brand new high traffic commercial carpeting.  Our Temple Board raised the balance to also have the room painted with an off-white color throughout most of the space, and gave the support pillars a sky blue highlight.  All of the ceiling tiles are in great shape, the antiquated behemoth that masqueraded as a speaker in the NE corner is gone, and all the lights in the ceiling are illuminating at the same output.  For anyone who has yet to visit the lodge after the most recent renovations, you will be pleasantly surprised.



In addition to the lodge room's updates, we also had the parking lot pavement sealed to prevent any premature re-paving.  Beyond the fresh seal coat, our parking lot also received a new light post and high intensity LED lamp.  The old light post wasn't shored properly or the ground simply moved it enough thereby necessitating its timely replacement to prevent any catastrophic incidents.  Again, if you haven't seen what a great job our diligent temple board members accomplished, we encourage you to stop by on a meeting night, say hi, and have a look around!